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General Information   

Useful Information


Address : Shyam Nagar, Bareilly-Mathura Road, BADAUN-243601(U.P)

Phone No.: 05832-222222, 9219422212, 7417146663


E-mail :

Meeting time with Principal : 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. on all working days

School fee counter time : During School hours.

Parent Teacher interaction : According to the given schedule in the calendar

* Last day of every month will be half day.

  1. Parents are requested not to go directly to the class to meet the teachers.
  2. Casual visits to view the school are not allowed during school hours as this could   disrupt classroom teaching.
  3. Please contact the school's front office for queries regarding fees transport etc.

Recommendations To The Parents

  1. All Communication should be addressed to the Principal.
  2. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help the children's progress by paying attention to their regularity, punctulaity and discipline .
  3. Parents are requested to check the school almanac regularly and acknowledge the receipt of circulars
  4. Children are expected to be neatly dressed in full school uniform. Boys should have a short haircut and girls should have proper plate and they may wear small ear rings.
  5. Encourage your ward to take interest in studies and extra-curricular activities.
  6. Ensure that your wards do not bring crackers, colors (Gulal) etc. to the school.
  7. Students suffering from infectious diseases should not be sent to school. If any child is suffering from any medical problem, Parents are requested to give an information letter to the school office.
  8. Ensure that your ward does not bring valueables to the school. The school is not responsible for articles/personal belongings lost by the students.
  9. No toys or sport equipment should be brought to the school unless asked by the teacher for a specific activity.
  10. On their birthday, children are not allowed to distribute edible, sweets or any other expensive items/gifts to their class-mates. We do not appreciate the gestures of sending gifts from children to teachers for birthdays / celebrations and also child should come in school dress only, on day of birthday.

*  Parents are rquested to intimate the school office promptly about any change of address or telephone number if any, to enable the school office to contact them quickly in case of emergency.

Fee Rules

  1. Parents are requested to deposit the fees in school itself by cheque/cash only. Please pay the fees on or before the prescribed dates to avoid any payment of fine and re-admission formalities.
  2. Irrespective of the date of admission. Fee will be charged for the full year of admission.
  3. Student whose fees are due after last date in arrears will have their names struck off the roll at the end of relevant month and will not be allowed to sit in the class and will be re-admitted provided the seat is vacant.
  4. If fee is pending then student will not be allowed to sit for examination.
  5. After 15 of respective fees month Rs. 10 per day will be charged as late fee and will be deposited in school fee office.
  6. Cheque should be issued only on school's name (i.e.) Blooming Dale school, Badaun.
  7. Out station cheque will no be entertained for fee.

  1. (A) ABSENCE ON RE-OPENING OF SCHOOL : The names of students on roll on 31st and 30th June remain on the school roll for three days, in the month of April and July from the date of opening of school. If the student is absent and a leave application is not submitted to the school authorities within three days, the name will be dropped from the school roll and the student will be re-admitted only after re-admission fee in line of the vacant seat.
    (B)CONTINUOUS ABSENCE DURING THE SESSION : If a student is absent for 7 days continuously without submitting a leave application, the name will be dropped from the roll and re-admission formalities will be done.
  2. Parents must give one month's notice in writing if they wish to withdraw their child/children, or in lieu of notice one month's fee must be paid.
  3. No reduction or remission of fees may be claimed on account of holidays or absence through illness or any other reason.

Month For Fee Deposition


School Uniform



  • White shirt (half sleeves) with school monogram.
  • Prescribed color's check shorts (Play group to V)
  • Prescribed green color trousers (VI to XII).
  • Prescribed green color's school socks, tie & belt.
  • Plain black leather shoes with laces [ (PG to XII). (Fancy shoes are not allowed)]


  • White shirt (half sleeves) with school monogram (PG to VIII).
  • Prescribed color's check tunics (across knee length) (P.G. to V).
  • Prescribed color's check divided skirts (across knee length) ( VI to VIII)
  • Prescribed Red check kurta with white salwar (IX to XIII) (Across knee length).
  • White dupatta with monogram (IX ro XII).
  • Black tight Bloomers (Play Group to VIII).
  • Prescribed green color's socks, tie and belt, (P.G. to VIII).
  • Plain black leather shoes with laces & green socks [ (PG to XII).(Fancy shoes are not allowed )].
  • Red cloth hair band (No fancy clips or bands are allowed).(P.G. to XII).

Winter : PG to XII


  • White full sleeves shirt with school monogram.(P.G. to XII
  • Woollen grey trousers. (P.G. to XII)
  • Prescribed V neck half sleeves black color sweater with school monogram. (P.G. to XII)
  • Prescribed Red color blazer with school monogram. (P.G. to XII)
  • Prescribed green color's socks, tie & belt. (P.G to XII)
  • Plain black leather shoes with laces. (P.G. to XII).


  • White full sleeves shirt with school monogram ( P.G. to VIII).
  • Woollen gray Trousers (P.G. to V).
  • Woollen grey divided skirt (across knee length).(VI to VIII)
  • Prescribed V-neck half sleeves black color sweater with school monogram.(P.G. to XII).
  • Prescribed moav (skin) color's stalkings tie and belt.(VI to VIII)
  • Prescribed Red color check kurta with white salwar. (Across knee length) (IX to XII)
  • White dupatta with school monogram. (IX to XII)
  • Prescribed Green color's socks, tie and belt. (P.G. to V) only green socks (IX to XII).
  • Prescribed Red color Blazer with school monogram.(P.G. to XII).
  • Red cloth band (No fancy clips or bands are allowed). (P.G. to XII).
  • Plain black leather shoes (Fancy shoes are not allowed). (P.G. to XII).
  • Black Tight Bloomers (VI to VIII).

House Dress


  1. Prescribed house color shirt with school monogram. (I to XII).
  2. White shorts during summers. ( I to V)
  3. White trousers during summers.(I to XII)
  4. White Socks with house color strips. (I to XII)
  5. White Canvas shoes (fancy or sports shoes are not allowed).(I to XII)
  6. Woollen grey trousers during winters. (I to XII)
  7. Prescribed V neck half sleeves black color sweater with school monogram during winter. (I to XII).
  8. Prescribed Red color blazar with school monogram during winter.(I to XII)
  9. Students are suggested not to wear tie with house dress.


  1. COLORED dress only on saturdays


  1. Prescribed house color shirt with school monogram. (I to VIII).
  2. White divider skirt (across knee length) during summer.( I to VIII) with white bloomers
  3. Prescribed house color kurta , white salwar, house dupatta. Across knee length. (IX to XII)
  4. White socks with house color strips.(I to XII).
  5. White cloth hair band.
  6. White canvas shoes (No fancy or sports shoes are allowed).(I to XII)
  7. Woollen grey trousers during winter(I to V).
  8. Woollen grey divided skirt during winter across knee length with black tight bloomers.(VI to VIII)
  9. Moav (skin) color stalkings during winter. (V to VIII).
  10. Prescribed V neck half sleeves black color sweater with school monogram during winter. (I to XII)
  11. Prescribed Red color blazer witth school monogram during winter.( I to XII).
  12. Students are suggested not to wear tie with house dress.
  13. Red cap with monogram during winter (P.G. to Prep).
  14. Black Cap with monogram during winter( I to XII).
  15. Maroon turban and patka (Monday to Friday).
  16. White turban and Patka(Saturday).

Exam Rules and Regulations

  1. Graded subject exams will be taken during regular school timings.
  2. Compulsory subjects Maths, English, Hindi, E.V.S. (science, social science) there will be P.T.M. after and before every Evaluation in which parents will be shown copies, howsoever in final exam, there is no copy show.
  3. It is compulsory for parents to attend P.T.M. regularly to update about their ward's academic performance.
  4. Due to any reason if parents wish to go for rechecking, there is provision to fill up the form with minimum Rs. 200-requistion (only in final exams).
  5. 90% attendance is compulsory for a student to appear in final exams.Failing which principal reserves right to abstain child from appearing in exam as per C.B.S.E. norms.
  6. Medical Certificae must be produced if the child is absent during exam. (in any one exam P.G.- VIII)
  7. There will be no rank system in class (P.G. to X) as there is grading system implemented according to C.B.S.E. new C.C.E. plan.
  8. If student is caught during examination indulging himself/herself in any (U.F.M.) unfair means, he/she is liable to be called for explanation and subsequent withdrawal from appearing in exam or expell from the school as per Principal/Managerial jurisdiction.

Grading System Scholastic and
Marks In %Co-scholic Grading Key
37180B-1Very good
73340Dbelow average

Distribution of Terms

Term Distribution


April to September:1st Term
October to March:IInd Term

Assessment Distribution

I to X

F.A. - I: May 2016
F.A. - II:July 2016
S.A. - I:September 2016(Tentative)
F.A. - III:November 2016
F.A. - IV:January 2017
S.A. - II:March 2017(Tentative)


I Internal Assessment: September 2016
II Internal Assessment:November 2016
III Internal Assessment:March 2017


Board's Awards

Students one who is in Board's Merit :
District Topper:Rs. 11000
School Topper:Rs. 5100
Stream Topper(Apart from
:Rs. 3100
90% and above per child:Rs. 1100

For Teachers

Per child above 90% marks in subject/s :Rs.500
100% result in a subject:Rs. 3000

Parent Teacher Interaction

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Kindly note the following:

  1. The child must carry a napkin and a handkerchief every day.
  2. For birthday celebraion the child is not allowed to bring any sorts of gifts (chocolate, toffees).
  3. It is very important to observe punctuality in picking and dropping your child.
  4. No Parents will be allowed to meet the class teacher without Principal appointment. Please make use of your child's diary for communication with the teacher.
  5. Kindly send an extra set of clothing to school with the name written on them for students of classes P.G., N.C., PREP. for future use (in case if the child is not properly toilet trained).
  6. You are requested to file all the classes' notices, which will be given to the child during the course of the year.
    • The child must carry his/her diary to school every day.
    • The child's belonging such as clothes, water bottles, Tiffin box and school bag should be labelled.

Parents-Teacher meeting is necessity in the present day context. In order to build up a close report between the school and parents, open house meetings are organised . Coordinated efforts of the school and the parents result in the best all round development of the child. Parent-Teacher interation at various celebrations, events and meetings organized by the school is vital. Parents are advised to:

  • Use Almanac as a communication link
  • Attend PTM and Open days.
  • Meet Principal/Class Teacher, whenever necessary.
  • Take time out to attend the school Functions.
  • It is advisable to write the school about the problems of your ward for seeking guidance.

School Procedures

  1. Pupils must be in school 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Necessary disciplinary action will be taken against habitual late-corners.
  2. A Pupil can leave the schol premises at timings other than the regular ones only when permission has been granted against a written request from parents.
  3. Homework and Remedial Measures: Students, who have missed school or an individual class, will be required to make up any work, which was given. It is the responsibility of the student to inquire about any school work, tests or assignment that have been missed and need to be made up. Homework assignment are checked and recorded. The teachers will ensure that the homework is completed to acceptable standards. Occupation of mind activities will be assigned to the students during term breaks. Remedial measures will be undertaken for the children, whenever the need arises.
  4. Suggestion box: There will be suggestion box in the school where children/parents may drop their suggestions.
  5. Lost & Found Room: Lost and found articles will be placed in the Lost & Found Room.
  6. Breakage: In case of breakage of any school property due to carelessness or negligence of any student(s) the parent of concerned student(s) will have to pay the cost of the equipment or property damaged
  7. Honours : Prizes will be awarded for excellence in studies, games and other co-curricular activities. Due recognition will also be given for exemplary behavious, conduct and values.
  8. Telephone calls : Students can make urgent calls from the front office for which they will be charged at cost for each call they wish to make.
  9. Identity cards: Identity cards will be issued to all students who always wear them.
  10. Language : Since the medium of instruction is essentially English, English must be spoken during the class time unless the class is designated for learning another language. Children will speak English outside the classroom as well as on the playing field or during other interaction. In appropriate, crude and coarse language is prohibited anywhere within the school premises and on the school trips. The class teacher will monitor this carefully and ensures that undesirable language is not used.
  11. It is mandatory to carry an out pass, signed by the Pincipal for taking out the ward from the school.
  12. Every self going child has to carry their Gate pass while moving out of the school.
  13. If any parent want to take their Gate pass while moving out of the school.
  14. Tiffins or Lunch Boxes shall not be entertain during school hours.
  15. Pupil should not bring a big amount as pocket money in the school.

* Students are not allowed to use motor vehicles to school.

Attendance & Absentee Procedure

  1. Every student is expected to maintain an attendance record of at least 90% during the academic year failing which he/ she may not be allowed to give the examination
  2. A Proper leave application must be submitted in writing by the parent to the Principal in case of absence.
  3. If a child has been suffering from communicable disease, he/she should be allowed to attend in the school only after production of a fitness certificate from a qualified MBBS doctor.
  4. If a student is absent without prior information for more than seven days, his /her name may be struck off the school rolls.
  5. Re-admission after the name struck off the school rolls may be granted only at the discretion of the Principal.

Withdrawl & Refund

  1. One year calendar months notice in writing or a month's fee in lieu of such notice must be given before a child can be withdrawn.
  2. The school has the right to ask the students to leave the school on the following grounds :
    • Gross misconduct/indiscipline
    • Unsatisfactory academic progress in work
    • Repeated detentions in the class
  3. Those who leave the school in May, must in all cases pay the fees for the month of June also.
  4. Admission Fee and Annual charges are not refundable in any case.

Discipline Card System

A System of issuing three different color cards for breach in discipline is given below.

  1. The first two cards i.e. green or yellow are the warning card.
  2. Issue of red card will be liable to suspension or rustication


  1. The School is not responsible for any damage injuries fatal or otherwise caused during the child's stay in school
  2. Though the school takes all precautions ; it is not liable in case of accident, unforeseen (within or outside school campus) while out on an excursion, taking part in sports/games or any other activity in the school. All expenses in the treatment of such cases will be borne by the parents/ guardians of the child.

Co-Curricular Activities

For an over all development of a child, besides games and physical education, to supplement the class work the following activities are open to students`:


Indoor Activities

  1. Paper-folding
  2. Drawing-Colouring
  3. Papertearing and pasting
  4. Dramatization
  5. Recitation of action rhymes
  6. Dance competition
  7. Story telling
  8. Singing
  9. Computer Activity
  10. Hand writing

Outdoor Activities :

  1. Group Games
  2. Nature Walk
  3. Splash pool
  4. Sports Day
  5. Plantation


  1. Art/Craft
  2. Paper Cutting
  3. Origami
  4. Dramatization
  5. Music (Vocal Indian and Western)
  6. Music (Instrumental, Tabla, Harmonium)
  7. Dance (Indian, Western)
  8. Subjective Club Activity
  9. Hindi dramatics
  10. English dramatics
  11. Debate
  12. Extempore
  13. Case Study
  14. Product Selling
  15. PPT (Power Point Presentation)
  16. Quiz
  17. Hand Writing
  18. Spell 'o' fun
  19. Games & Sports
  20. Rangoli
  21. Cooking without fire
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